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But once again USER: Some of you are so joyless. What does it have to do with anything other than your agenda to insert the word homosexual as many times as you can into the Elvis Presley article?

Larry Sanger who has publicly stated: As mentioned that face keeps him offscreen outside of webseriesand he mainly works in the regions. Naked girl tumblr video. Nick adams nude. I reverted unfounded statements and outright fabrication by an anonymous user who also has attempted similar distortions to the article on David Bret.

On top of that, his body was crazy. No one who's remotely hot is unaware of the fact in this day and age. He's a performer, it's basically a given. In many, if not most, cases there should be several corroborating sources available should someone wish to consult them. Can anybody explain why User: Given all the reading I've done about him lately, I'd like to know. However, while the trade reviews seem glowing, most of the reader reviews are dismissive, mostly characterizing the book as "boring" with many saying it's basically a puff piece written for Robert Wagner and according to the book's publicity, Lambert did write the book at Wagner's invitation.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Casey big tits. Notice how the models hawt guys, to be fair are subtly photoshopped so that only a generic bulge appears. I'd been leaving that in because I thought it was sourced. Please do more of these. Just how stupid does this person think Wikipedians are? Wyss 30 June He is hot, but anyone who ventures into that no-shame-desperate-for-any-kind-of-attention immediately loses all hotness for me.

But, knowing they had been caught vandalizing an articlethey reworded it slightly to remove the fabrication: Furthermore, all of the edits on this subject in the article seem to have been made by a single persistent anon editor. Wyss 29 June Rumours of his private life and death Adams's friendship with James Dean a cultural icon who also died tragically young and his reckless lifestyle have made his private life the subject of various tabloid reports and rumours. Views Read Edit View history.

Thanks JoJoJo. None of this has anything to do with "defending" Adams. Here is USER: If you attempt to take trolls to task or demand that something be done about constant disruption by trollish behavior, the other list members will cry "censorship," attack you, and even come to the defense of the troll. As a result, I User: He is a much better actor and is infinitely hotter then both of them combined.

This is why I asked.

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Can anybody explain why User: He wishes all his performances could be skivvie-style. That guitarist queen has an old man's face. Shakeela hot nude sex videos. Further, this user here and in the other two connected articles not only inserts fabrications but also makes edits and other sensible-appearing substitutions that too is described as vanadalism in Wikipedia: At least there would be something to see.

Elvis Presley he stated:. Well, he can model those underwear at my house any day. And all of you love it as much as I do whether you admit it or not.

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Name required. Indeed r13 is spot-on. He has a handsome face. You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing. When I see a hot guy, immediately I wonder what he looks like naked. Asian lover tumblr. Broadway guy, or at least used to be, don't think he has actually be in a show for a bit now. Nick adams nude. What utter nonsense. Thanks JoJoJo. Mario Lopez is pure hotness too and he looks GREAT when he is jump-roping in work-out gear, I might add, lets just say that more than one part of him bounces.

One or two lines ought to be enough. Miss Leopard aint for changing her spots. I still see no evidence of it and I truly can't parse out a way to work fragments of hearsay which seem completely apart from the documented record of his life into an encyclopedia article about him.

No, we will not share your email address with anyone or send you spam. He is hot, but anyone who ventures into that no-shame-desperate-for-any-kind-of-attention immediately loses all hotness for me. Perfect tits nude pics. You're not auditioning fantasy boyfriends, you're looking at some dick shaking. Please check your mail and click on the link in the email to complete your subscription.

If working out and showing off the results makes them feel pretty, so what? It's remarkable. What they should be concerned about are the PC pictures they use to promote their product. Rowen Ben Daniels is older then either one of these two chorus boys. He must have a portrait in the attic, 'a la Dorian Gray. I'm removing it. In this article on Nick Adams, this User inserted the same thing about Dee Presley many times and came up with yet more versions above including this one:.

This is the "wear them down" tactic that they have successfully used over and over with others who objected to false and unfounded claims on the Presley page, doing it so many times that the other users eventually gave up. You can email it to me privately from my talk page if you like please do use a hotmail or other blind account if you wish to remain entirely anon. He had done it there before. I just don't get the demand for this. Nick Adams has a nice personality. According to some accounts, before his success as an actor Adams was a male prostitute catering to men.

Adams won the case, since it was proved that his wife had an affair with another man.

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Adams's death at a young age were also the subject of several tabloid reports and unconfirmed rumours. The only way to have a watchlist is to have a WP account. Check your facts and determine that such a book exists so that it can be examined for its veracity. Big sexy asian girls. Again, readers are invited to look at the Google searches above. Elvis Presley page:. This page was last edited on 10 Julyat I still see no evidence of it and I truly can't parse out a way to work fragments of hearsay which seem completely apart from the documented record of his life into an encyclopedia article about him.

Equintan attempted to remove just a tiny portion of the misinformation, USER: Much heatjier according to DR. It is extremely important to highlight openly gay celebrities since much of mainstream does not. Hairy chinese pics Nick adams nude. For the role he won two Broadway. You are commenting using your Twitter account.


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