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Michael Hall. Traveling to Nashville through a tunnel of pain. Cougar captions tumblr. The one and only one thing it had on TOS was the acting cops of the lead. Ethan peck naked. Stelios Arianoutsos. That stunningly virtuous character! I was just getting my fake outrage out of the way.

Nor did I like Ben Cross in the role either. An opinion is not right or wrong, unless supported by facts.

July 22nd, Sorry but I have to say that is wrong CC. Exactly what I thought when I first saw his picture. This is the first time they are getting another major change just one year after the show started. But the damage has been done now.

Yeah I HATE the elongated skull thing, which someone on the production said was a direct influence from the Alien movies. Big ass white girls xvideos. Robert Downey Jr. I like the show. Obviously its all just my speculation. So this reunion may dive into that. But you seem to act as if your opinion is ironclad. The sound quality is closer to TOS audio and that makes him sound exactly like Spock back in …. But that is more the writers fault.

No one even knows what the show is about. Their casting of Spock makes it obvious because this guy screams Zachary Quinto. DIS lives all online so its just easy to miss. Especially if he smiles. Sexy pussy girl photos. But then there are fans who are more interested in the 50 year story, the characters and the quality of the scripts. I want to see technology pushed, thats WHY I watch it. Oh yeah, I forgot Ben Cross. If this guy is a miss, we will be hearing about it for years lol.

Netflix has million subcribers. But I found only Worf to be interesting and the ratio of good to bad episodes was amazingly poor. Whether the writers depict an emotional Spock rebellingan overly logical Spock overcompensatingor the same-old Spock consistentit will be because that is the story they want to tell. The elongated skulls would be more hidden with the hair. First thing you need to know about Tennesseea road movie about two brothers and their eventful journey from New Mexico to Nashville, is that it's produced by Lee Daniels Monster's BallThe WoodsmanShadowboxer.

Adding a finger to my ever rolling eyes to you.

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Where is Spock in season two? The TOS era has 3 seasons and 6 movies. August 15, Reply Parent Thread Expand Link. Faye tozer nude. Movie review. August 20, 9: Good luck, Kid. Omg, that makes me feel so old! I keep repeating this but I totally buy it as truth.

Sacred Games: I like this, but for fans who want to see classic Spock, I see a lot of fan controversy on this one. August 14, 2: So I think they will be doing this for awhile and using iconic characters to both increase awareness and get more subs. If anything, Paramount could use the hype around to increase confidence in another movie. Probably Spock and Kirk as well. Gah, I remember when everyone in these 'teen' shows was so much older than me, now they're all my age: Perhaps some more interesting characters, too.

Exactly this. Reminds me of Superman on Supergirl… first they denied he would ever appear and then he did some great episodes and nailed the character a lot more than his cinematic counterpart. Bangbros on xvideos. Ethan peck naked. I hope they get the ears right. America's Got Talent: It is still related to the article. Oh yeah I can see this happening too. Comments below articles? The thing is, the Spock we saw in most of tos was a repressed guy who had a lot of issues and was basically denying his true self.

Traveling to Nashville through a tunnel of pain. He seems to have a winning combination of warmth and gravitas, like his grandpa. Some certainly change it up now and again like what they did with Bond and Casino Royale, but it also worked at the time.

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Another on board with not having any problems with the cast. You have to remember a completely different company makes the films, in this case Paramount.

He looks way too old to be a high school student. Errotic massage toronto. Wow, Luke. What other series did Enterprise build upon? But Discovery could take place in the 25th or 26th century and no one would blink here. What is this thing you speak of? Remember me.

Usually from people who disagree with your opinion. Was Bill Shatner? I can see this.

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Reply Parent Thread Expand Link. Exactly, Cervantes. Or it could be that Spock was indeed different. Amy adams naked pussy. Ethan peck naked. I simply said TNG and the other similarly structured series are dull. And his grandfather Gregory also looked a lot like older Nimoy. Nude girl minecraft skin Just a pet peeve of mine, I guess. He has a deep voice. And maybe not everyone is happy we are getting more TOS characters but be honest, what would attract people more, a new no-name Captain next season or Pike? I find it funny that some who would chose to discount this as a production error, are some of the same ones who also are sticklers about what color the uniforms should be, despite that too being the result of budget and production errors.

Looking forward to Season 2!! For Enterprise, it was cancellation. August 15, 9: Read her blog, "Flickgrrl," at http: But this is Star Trek, a franchise built on its connected universe.

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Sexy xxx 3gp It has gone away as more people just got use to his version but it was literally there from day one.
Perky tit galleries The Cage contradicts The Menagerie, and generally TOS, in some respects and since it never aired I always figured its status as canon was open for debate.
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Shawna loyer nude pics If anything, Paramount could use the hype around to increase confidence in another movie. Some of the characters may be weak. There was no need.
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